Common Name β-Nicotinamide mononucleotide
CAS Number 1094-61-7
Molecular Weight 334.219
Molecular Formula C11H15N2O8P

Exact Mass 334.056610
PSA 176.06000
LogP -3.38
Storage condition 2-8°C

Main functions of NMN

1. More than 95 percent of the energy needed to catalyze important human activities

NMN shift NAD + aerobic oxidative metabolism in the Krebs cycle to generate ATP molecules mitochondria number of important coenzyme, hydrogen ion receptors, through the hydrogen ions and oxygen, make human body to obtain three types of nutrients, protein, fat and sugar, enter the body through the Krebs cycle demand quantity and the materials needed to he metabolic activity.

2. Anti-aging

The reason why the human body slowly aging, in the continuous deepening of science, came to such a conclusion: DNA damage and NAD+ slowly missing will make the human body aging, and the loss of NAD+ is an important factor to accelerate DNA damage, so NAD+ is closely related to the aging of the human body, the key to anti-aging is also on NAD+.

NAD+ is involved in a wide range of cellular responses, numbering in the thousands, They include energy enzyme activity (energy production), chromosomal stability, DNA repair, and activation of the longevity protein sirtuins. And NAD+ is a consumable substance, Most such reactions require it to be consumed in order to function properly. The activation of longevity protein family, including sirtuins 1~7, is the core longevity mechanism.

So, NAD+ is very important. Studies have also shown that with age, the synthesis of NAD+ gradually decreases and the consumption gradually increases, so the total amount of NAD+ becomes less and less. This decline is strongly associated with aging and disease.

NMN is an inherent metabolite of the human body, which can be directly converted to the key coenzyme NAD+. NAD+ is essential for nearly half of the body’s metabolic activity, but declines rapidly with age. Therefore, taking ACMETEA W+NMN can increase the level of NAD+, so as to restore the energy level and the fundamental repair ability of the fine encapsulation to the youthful state, so as to delay or even reverse the effect of aging. So, in principle, NMN anti-aging is real.

3. Maintain the ability to regenerate capillaries

The older you get, the less NAD+ you have in your body. As a result, even though muscle growth is less effective, less growth factor is released and the capillary vessels become more vulnerable.

4. Alcohol metabolism

Alcohol metabolism secretes harmful acetaldehyde, which needs to be further differentiated into harmless acetic acid. NAD+ can be used as a catalyst to distinguish alcohol into harmless acetic acid and reduce the harm of alcohol to human body.

Post time: Aug-24-2021