Shanghai has been unblocked!

From June 1st, Shanghai will fully resume normal production and life order. With you guarding “Shanghai“, this day will come, thank every guardian for their support and persistence. While making every effort to “resume”, we must consolidate the results of prevention and control, expand the results of anti-epidemic, and resolutely reduce new growth and prevent rebound. Firm confidence, move forward hand in hand, and everyone will try their best, the prosperous Shanghai, which is full of people and vitality, will eventually come back.

Everything is back to normal in Shanghai from June, which means that our warehouse in Shanghai can also be back to normal.
Shipping from Shanghai, we support FEDEX, DHL, Post, UPS, USPS…

To the US: 5-7 days
To Germany: 6-8 days
To the UK: 3-5 days
To Mexico: 15-18 days
To Europe: 6-8 days
To Canada: 7-10 days
To Southeast Asia: 4-8 days
To Russia: 15-18 days


June will be better

In June, Children’s Day, Wish you lovely you will always keep your childlike innocence;


In June, Father’s Day, remember to say “I love you” to Dad;


In June, the summer solstice, welcome the vibrant summer together;


In June, World Oceans Day, let’s love the ocean world together!


In June, Global Eye Care Day, pay attention to eye health and make life more exciting!

世界海洋日公益环境公众号首图 (1)

In June, the International Anti-Drug Day, pay tribute to the heroic anti-drug heroes who cannot show their faces and say “no” to drugs.


In the blink of an eye, it is the last month of the first half of 2022. May you cherish the time and meet the best of you!

June 1st, 2022

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