Boric acid, white powder crystal or triclinic axis scale – like gloss crystal, Boric acid flakes and chunks,smooth feel, no odor. Soluble in water, alcohol, glycerin, ethers and essential oils, the aqueous solution is weakly acidic. It is widely used in glass (optical glass, acid-resistant glass, heat-resistant glass, glass fiber for insulating materials) industry, which can improve the heat-resistant and transparent properties of glass products, improve mechanical strength and shorten the melting time.


Boric acid

Chinese name: Boric acid, PT

English name: Orthoboric acid

English alias: Boric Acid; Boron; Boricacidhighpurity; Boricacidwhitextl

Grade: PT

CAS Number: 10043-35-3/11113-50-1

EINECS 234-343-4

Molecular formula: H3BO3

Melting point: 169℃

Boiling point: 300℃

Density: 1.43g/cm3


Storage and transportation


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